HSE begins Covid-19 booster roll-out for ages 60 and over

Amy Blaney

The HSE is inviting people aged 60 and over and pregnant women to make an appointment for a booster vaccine.

Appointments for the cohort will be available from August 15th.

While people in the 50-64 age group with long-term health conditions will be invited for a booster does over the coming weeks.


Booster vaccines can be booked online at HSE vaccination clinics and with participating GP and pharmacies.

The HSE and Children’s Health Ireland will shortly be inviting, through their parents, children aged 5-12 who are immunocompromised and now due to have a second booster.

Dr Colm Henry, HSE Chief Clinical Officer said: “This week we are putting the most recent vaccine advice into action and inviting new groups of people for their next booster. I encourage everyone aged 60 and over and pregnant women, to get their next booster dose.


“It will give you ongoing protection from serious illness, and increase your immunity against infection from Covid-19, which we know tends to reduce after a period of months following your last vaccine.”

Eileen Whelan, National Lead, Covid-19 vaccine programme, HSE said: “Over the next few weeks, boosters will be offered to people aged 50-64, and people with long term health conditions. We are inviting people initially in blocks of 5 years, starting with people aged 60-64, to ensure people have a smooth experience booking appointments online and getting their vaccine.”

“We want people to be aware of the protection vaccines offer and to get their best protection from Covid-19. We are also continuing to plan for the autumn, when more groups of people have been recommended to have Covid-19 boosters as well as routine flu vaccines to provide best health protection for the winter ahead.”

 The HSE also strongly urges people who have not yet received a primary Covid-19 vaccine dose to consider attending one of the walk-in clinics for dose one or dose two of the vaccine, or to register for an appointment.