Population of Waterford grows by almost 11,000 in six years

The population of Waterford City and County was recorded as 127,085 on April 3rd 2022, according to preliminary census figures.

This is an increase of 10,909, or 9.4 percent, since 2016. It's the fourth highest growth in the country over this period, with Longford, Meath and Leitrim seeing the biggest jumps.

The state's population is now at 5.1 million, an increase of 7.6 percent since 2016.  This is highest population recorded in a census since 1841, and the first time the population of Ireland is more than 5 million since 1851.

Waterford population breakdown

According to the CSO, the population included 64,264 females and 62,821 males.  This is a combination of natural increase (births minus deaths) and inward migration.


Meanwhile, the figures show the total housing stock in Waterford in April 2022 was 55,159. This shows an increase of 2,668, or 5.1 percent since 2016.

There were 3,916 vacant dwellings, almost 25% fewer than in 2016. This does not include holiday homes, of which there were 2,126.

The census population figures relate to the de facto population which means everyone who was present in the State on the night of Sunday, 03 April 2022.

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