Residents of Doyle Street forced to wash in sinks as water issues reach one year mark

Residents of Doyle Street in Waterford are enduring ongoing disruption to their water supply.

Sinn Fein Councillor Jim Griffin highlighted the issue at this month's Metropolitan District council meeting.

"It's gone to the stage where elderly people in Doyle Street are washing in a sink. I mean washing their body, not their clothes. The water pressure is a huge issue and it's going to have a knock-on effect. Then, how do we get the supply in without disruption to the house? Who pays for that and how quickly is it going to be delivered?"

Noreen McGrath, Secretary of the Inner City Residents Association and a resident on Doyle Street, says poor water pressure is creating issues for people.


"It's going on since last year, the pressure in the tanks is so bad that the tanks can't even fill."

"The water pressure drops at midnight and there is no pressure to bring the water to the tanks in the houses."

Noreen says she has been in regular contact with Irish Water, now called Uisce Éireann about the situation.

"The problem seems to be that the water is coming from the back of the houses and this needs to be changed so the water comes from the front of the houses. It is a major problem, washing machines won't even fill and we need to change this so that residents who aren't getting enough water, are getting more water."



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