Second attack on Waterford's Cricket Club grounds within days

Second attack on Waterford's Cricket Club grounds within days

A second incident of criminal damage has been reported at Waterford Cricket Club, just days after thousands of euros worth of damage was caused.

During the first incident, the large playing mats used in the game had been ripped up at several points and a third of the mats were torn up.

Just days later, a second attack on the club facilities has been reported by Waterford Cricket Club, with the clubhouse itself a target of extensive damage.

Gardaí are investigating the damage, and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Targeted attacks on cricket grounds


Local Fianna Fail Councillor Eamon Quinlan said “, The club were devastated from the initial attack and it was thought it was just down to random anti-social behaviour but that is no longer my view. The second attack, in such a short period of time and the fact that both attacks weren’t just about being random indicates to me that the attacks are more about trying to remove the clubs presence or ability to operate, altogether."

He added: "We will call a spade a spade, while the club has numerous Irish members, and more are joining all the time, the majority of members of the club come from countries where cricket is the game. Large numbers of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc are all members. To see this community raise serious sums of money privately and invest in a game that has tremendous history in Waterford is wonderful."

Cost of Cricket Club damage

The Waterford Vikings are currently licensing lands from Waterford City and County Council in the Gracedieu area of Waterford City.

Through community fundraising, the club has installed pitch length playing mats at an estimated cost of 15 thousand euro.


Additionally, electricity and water has been restored to the club house and entry to the building was secured.

Equipment was purchased and retained in the club house.

According Cllr. Quinlan, the first attack resulted in approximately 6 thousand euro worth of damage.

The second attack on the interior of the clubhouse has yet to be calculated in terms of loss but is estimated in the thousands of euros again.

The Waterford Vikings Cricket Club are currently operating a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to replace their damaged grounds.

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