'Mindless vandalism' - burning of solar bin in People's Park condemned

One of the new solar bins in Waterford City was set on fire this week in what Waterford Council are calling an act of "mindless vandalism".

The incident occurred on Monday night in the People's Park. GardaΓ­ and the fire service attended the scene.

The council says the bin was heavily used, being situated between both playgrounds, and the solar technology had helped to reduce the amount of refuse in the park.

Labour Party Councillor Thomas Phelan condemned the incident on social media.


"Absolutely disgraceful, it's one thing for people not to lift a finger to help Waterford Council and so many Tidy Towns groups and other volunteers to try and keep the city and county looking good - but to actively go out of their way like this to stick two fingers up would make you mad."

Waterford Council are appealing for anyone with information to contact the GardaΓ­.