Spraoi Director says festivals can wait

The Director of Spraoi in Waterford says during the coronavirus outbreak things like festivals can wait.

Several high profile summer events have been cancelled following the government decision not to allow events for crowds of more than 5,000 people to go ahead up to the end of August.

TV Honan says they're keeping an open mind about this year's Spraoi festival but that the focus now has to be on our families and the frontline workers.

"Things like festivals can wait, we'll get to them when we can get to them.


"Spraoi at the minute is keeping a very open mind about what might happen later in the year."

He reminded people that "Spraoi, when it started, was actually staged in September".

"For now Spraoi is keeping an open mind, we're going to stay working absolutely very closely with government, local and national, to make sure that, if and when, an opportunity comes to stage a Spraoi event - it might be a totally new one - we'll be ready and good to go."

TV Honan says Spraoi will be there for Waterford when this is all over.


"Who knows? That might be a time when people may need a little bit of spirit, a little bit of hope, a little bit of joy and a smile on their face as we find out how to move on together as a community.

"We will move on together and I can assure the people of Waterford that when that day comes Spraoi will be there for Waterford the same way Waterford has always been there for us."

TV Honan says if Spraoi goes ahead this year the nature of it will be very different.

"The theme, if there is one, will be a theme of unity, will be a theme of community, will be a theme of solidarity, less celebration.

"We may not be in the mood for celebration, I think people will have lost their jobs, some people very sadly will have lost loved ones.

Spraoi, this year, will not necessarily be a celebratory event, it will be an event that is about solidarity and about being together maybe by being apart."