Tramore Christmas market plans now in doubt due to vandalism

Plans for a Christmas Market at the old train station in Tramore have been brought to a halt following an act of vandalism.

Vandals broke into the rear of the railway station in Tramore and damaged infrastructure installed by the Council, according to local Fianna Fail Councillor Eamon Quinlan.

Waterford Council had erected a large, high-quality stretch tent in the enclosed area that ran the full length of the rear of the Railway Station and hoped to host a series of Christmas events, such as live music and markets, for the town in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

Cllr Quinlan says the damage now means the area is unusable for the Christmas period:


"It's so disgusting. The town I feel really needed this lift in the run-up to Christmas. A covered outdoor area would have been a great venue that would have allowed us to provide cover from the elements, ventilation and control the numbers of people entering the area.

"The stretch tent, which cost a fair bit, is now effectively destroyed and its almost impossible to replace this type of tent in the short window we have left before things were meant to kick off given the demand for such coverings at the moment across the country."

The area had been secured, and Cllr Quinlans says it's not known how the perpetrators gained access to the site.

โ€œYes we have taken a knock in our plans for this area and the vandals have definitely robbed Tramore of something special for the holiday season but we wonโ€™t be deterred. Livening up the town for families of all ages is still the plan here and we will succeed.


"Our plans to see a market in the Railway Station area have not changed but simply moved to 2022."

Tramore to light up for Christmas

Meanwhile, public realm works on Main Street, Tramore are due to be completed by the first week in December to coincide with the start of the festive season and the switching on of the Christmas lights in Tramore on December 2nd.

While weather conditions have hampered progress on some days, there is currently a full complement of pavers on site working to ensure the deadline is met.ย  The junction at Main Street and Queen Street will re-open to traffic once works are completed on Main Street.

The new paved area on Main Street, which will remain closed to traffic until the new traffic management system comes into place next year, will be the focus of some of the many Christmas activities being organised by Waterford Chamber with the support of Waterford City and County Council and local businesses.

Key attractions on Main Street will include a 20ft Christmas tree and a giant festive post box for children to post their letters to Santa.ย  Following new investment in festive lights by Waterford City and County Council, the area will be lit by a curtain of Christmas lights to add to the festive atmosphere.ย  Santaโ€™s sleigh will take up prominent position at the Plaza and will make a picture perfect opportunity for children and families to pose for photos.

Lynda Lawton, Waterford Chamber of Commerce said, โ€œWeโ€™re excited to plan a festive extravaganza for Tramore this Christmas. While the works have taken longer than originally anticipated, the fact that the finish line is in sight is a great relief for local businesses.โ€

Following completion of paving on Main Street, works will refocus on the car park at Quishโ€™s SuperValu.ย  Planned works at the junction of Strand Road and Gallweys Hill will commence in early January 2022 to avoid disruption to traffic over the festive period.