Waterford people urged not to light fires outdoors

Waterford's fire services are advising people not to light fires outdoors after a wildfire broke out on Tuesday.

The fire happened at Ballydawn on the Copper Coast and it took fire services from Kilmacthomas and Dungarvan about eight hours to fully extinguish.


A yellow weather warning is in place at the moment for both Leinster and Munster.

Fire services in Waterford are urging people not to light any fires in the dry, hot weather.

"It is a time to just be somewhat cautious as people generally should be when they're in the outdoors and what we'd say is that people shouldn't light campfires and shouldn't light barbeques in the outdoors," Waterford's Fire Chief, Niall Curtin, said.


Generally, it is not common to see wildfires at this time of year as they usually happen in April, but they are still a risk.

High temperatures, wind direction, and whether you are on a slope all play a role in how quickly a fire will spread.

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