Waterford resident recounts experience of deadly Moroccan earthquake

Waterford resident recounts experience of deadly Moroccan earthquake

A Waterford resident has recounted his experience of Friday's deadly earthquake in Morocco.

Chairman of the Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark John Galloway was attending a global Geopark conference in Marrakesh when the earthquake struck on Friday.

"I was lying on the bed in my hotel and suddenly everything started shaking," he told WLR News.

"After about 25 seconds it stopped, then there was a moment of silence."


He continued: "We went outside the hotel to find somewhere wide open. There was chaos outside, loads of people on motorbikes and cars on narrow streets, lots of people running in all directions. It was terrifying."

John Galloway

Ironically, topics including seismology (which is the study of earthquakes) were being discussed at the Marrakesh conference.


"The conference basically came to a standstill," added John,

"But the people in our hotel were keen to emphasise that Marrakesh was back to normal. Tourism is a huge industry but they have already had a lot of cancellations."

John is now back home in Annestown but says his thoughts are with all those impacted by the natural disaster.

The current death toll has reached almost 3,000.

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