Waterford TD raises concern over off-shore windfarms

A conversation on off-shore windfarms in Ireland has got to be started.

So says, Deputy Matt Shanahan, who is concerned about the sale of electricity in Ireland back to the national grid.

Speaking to Deise Today, he said "We don't know what we are selling" and called for greater clarity around windfarm projects off the Waterford coast.

"How have we secure the state assets? How have we protected ourselves from having our exported electricity at one price and us paying a higher rate?" Deputy Shanahan said.


He highlighted that a regulatory agency has still not be formed and most likely won't be for another year.

Having raised his concerns in the Dรกil, Deputy Shanahan says the payouts for communities aren't sufficient.

"There's about between 15 and 18 million euro over the lifetime of the project but to be paid within the first 15 years," Deputy Shanahan said.

As well as this, the windfarms could see Ireland paying a higher price for electricity going forward.


Deputy Shanahan says that we will pay a different price here to those who are living in mainland Europe.

"The rule will be we've had to pay this because we've had to get this infrastructure in to meet our climate targets and it's an export for our country," he said.

He added that this could cause competitive issues to our manufacturing base.

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