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Wat Youth Arts @ Mount Sion - New Show !

Wat Youth Arts @ Mount Sion - New Show ! Wat Youth Arts @ Mount Sion - New Show !
Geoff Harris

WATERFORD YOUTH ARTS Is This Good Enough? by Avaes Mohammad

directed by

Nicholas Kavanagh

Who is the mysterious and enigmatic Cyroe?
On a cold winters night, young people from all over the city converge on the park; the Rudeboys, the
Party Girls, the Footballers, the Chess Players, the Skateboarders, the Drug Runners and the
Uniformed Schoolkids. Summoned there by Cyroe, no-one one really knows who Cyroe is, or has
ever really met him.
All they do know is that when Cyroe calls, you answer . . .
Directed by Nicholas Kavanagh of Curious State, Waterford Youth Arts presents Is this Good Enough?
by Avaes Mohammad for NT Connections 2023.
Inspired by the 12th century epic Persian poem The Conference of the Birds, Mohammad’s play Is this
Good Enough? is described as a contemporary take on The Conference of the Birds meets β€˜70’s cult
film classic, The Warriors
* Recommended for ages 13+ * includes references to drug use
Mount Sion School Hall / Saturday & Sunday
March 25, 26
Geoff had a chat with Nick today on the Lunchbox