"When it comes to championship, he will be sniffing goals" Cyril Farrell on Dessie Hutchinson

Cyril Farrell believes that Waterford fans will see a different Dessie Hutchinson in the Munster championship.

The Ballygunner attacker was held scoreless against Kilkenny in the final round of the league and didn't get a shot at the posts.

"I can guarantee you that when it comes to championship, he will be sniffing goals around the square," Farrell told WLR's Lár Na Páirce show. "You can't read too much into the league; teams will be trying different things. Knowing Davy, that's what he will be doing and he will be sending maybe wrong signals to people. People could be reading too much into it, he could still have the last laugh. It won't worry him what people are saying, he'll concentrate on the team. You'll find that the few days together in the nice sunshine that they'll have all these game plans worked out. I'd expect Dessie Hutchinson to be playing in a completely different position for the championship."

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