Listen back: Christy Dignam chats to Geoff Harris about his solo album

The Aslan legend told Geoff on WLR's The Lunchbox that The man who stayed alive, which he made in collaboration with singer/songwriter Don Mescall, is a musical biography of his life. He said "I've always wanted to do a solo album. And when I got diagnosed with cancer in 2014, I kind of put my mind to it, as I really wanted to do this. So then the Pandemic hit, Aslan came in and said, Listen, Chris, you've always wanted to do your solo album, so maybe now's the time."

Surviving the Pandemic with health issues

It's been a difficult 18 months for 61 year old Dignam, who lost his father to Covid 19 in May. He's also had to try extremely hard to avoid contracting the disease himself, due to his own underlying health issues, "the cancer affected my heart. So I rang my cardiologist at the beginning of the  Pandemic, and I said, 'Listen, how serious will it be if I catch Covid?' and he said, 'You're not gonna survive COVID.'  So I've been terrified for the last 18 months until I got vaccinated."

Christy's single High taken from the album, is being hugely well received..


Making and funding the album


Christy went onto tell Geoff that he has been blown away by the reaction to his solo album, which was mostly made in his own kitchen, because Don Mescall's studio is two hours away. Have a listen to here to his full interview with Geoff, where he talks about how they financed the album in the absence of having gigs.