SETU Presents - The Dry Eye Information Evening

SETU Presents - The Dry Eye Information Evening

SETU Presents - The Dry Eye Information Evening

South East Technological University (SETU) is delighted to announce an event in Waterford on November 21st for patients and people living with Dry Eye Disease. This disease affects over 350 million people worldwide and has long been a challenging condition for patients, clinicians, and scientists. Despite its significant impact on individuals' lives, finding effective treatments for this chronic condition has faced many obstacles. The Dry Eye Information evening is bringing in speakers from around the world to discuss current research and treatment options for Dry Eye Disease. This is a hybrid event, with the option of attending in person at SETUs Waterford Campus.

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Speakers For The Event

Rebecca Petris of the Dry Eye Foundation, USA.


The Dry Eye Foundation is a nonprofit. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from dry eye disease. Or rather, from ocular surface pain. We are working to document our community’s plight and provide much-needed services for our community’s ongoing needs, while also refining our vision and working out our strategies to change how we all - community, eye care professionals, and industry - think about dry eye disease.


Dr Paul Karpecki, Kentucky, USA.

With over 20 years of experience running some of the largest dry eye clinics in the United States, Dr. Karpecki is a leader and pioneer in this dedicated area of optometry. He is a noted educator and author, having delivered over 1000 lectures and authored over 1000 papers on the subject of Dry Eye Disease - a condition that can negatively affect not only a patient’s vision but also their quality of life.


In 2002, Dr. Karpecki was named to the National Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Committee to provide insights into the condition and its effects on women, in particular. In 2003, he was appointed to the Delphi International Society at Wilmer-Johns Hopkins, which put him in the company of the top 25 Dry Eye experts in the world.


Dr Laurence Fitzhenry

Lecturer in Chemistry at the Department of Science, SETU, and Principal Investigator of the Ocular Therapeutics Research Group (OTRG) at the PMBRC, and the scientific lead on Project NO TEARS. His academic research focuses on developing improved therapeutic platforms (e.g. eye drops and contact lenses) for a range of ophthalmic conditions and in particular, dry eye disease. A central pillar of Laurence's research is the incorporation of Patient Public Involvement (PPI) in lab-based and preclinical research, with a view to developing technologies that meet the needs of the patient and care providers. His research has been funded by  Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Research Council and European MSCA funding initiatives.

Dr Ailbhe Whyte

Waterford-based ophthalmologist with a specialist interest in Dry Eye Disease. Ailbhe received her MD from University College Dublin, her FRCOphth from the Royal College of Ophthalmology and has trained in Ophthalmology in Dublin, Toronto and London. Ailbhe runs a dry eye and ocular surface clinic in the City Eye Clinic, Dunmore Road, Waterford and Ely Hospital, Wexford


This project has been funded by the SETU Interdisciplinary Research Seed Funding scheme.