Reopening: Cabinet to discuss plans for 100 wedding guests from next week

The Cabinet is set to discuss a proposal to allow 100 guests attend a wedding from next week.

No more than 50 guests, along with the two people getting married, can currently attend weddings.

Coalition leaders discussed the proposal to increase this number on Monday evening, with senior Government sources saying that they are now hopeful that numbers will double, according to the Irish Examiner.

Tรกnaiste Leo Varadkar last week told couples to plan for just 50 guests.


Initially, it had been planned to increase the number of wedding guests to 100 by August, but this was thrown into doubt due to the spread of the Delta variant.

Guests' vaccination status

Regarding the new proposal to double the number of guests, doubts have been raised by Ministers on the viability of using the Digital Covid Certificate as a means to check the vaccination status of attendees.

One senior Minister said that the idea would be "too difficult".

A protest of up to 200 brides-to-be will take place outside Tuesday's Cabinet meeting, organised by Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA).


WIPA has organised a โ€œbridal marchโ€ to Government Buildings to present health and safety guidelines it says will enable weddings of 100 people to go ahead in a manner that is safe for both staff and guests to the Government.

Tuesdayโ€™s Cabinet meeting will not discuss other sectors that remain closed, sources have said.

Decisions on further reopenings will be made when indoor hospitality, which opened on Monday, has returned its initial data.