Question The Answer - Can you figure out what the question is?

Every day on The big Breakfast Blaa we give you the opportuinty to win fabulous prizes by simply trying to read our minds!

Instead of just simply asking you a question and expecting you to come up with the answer, we turn the concept on its head and we GIVE you the ANSWER.

All we need you to do is to try and guess what's the question that we are thinking of.

For example if the answer is GREEN - could the answer be...


What colour is grass?

What is the national colour of Ireland?

What was the surname of Jennifer Aniston's character in Friends?

You get the idea.


No question can be too obscure or obvious. It just has to be right. So why not tune in each day to The Big Breakfast Blaa with Vinny and Aoibhin at 8:10am to play

Here is a list of previous questions:

Friday 15th October - ANSWER: Eleven (11) - QUESTION: What is the name of the character played by Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things?

Thursday 14th October - ANSWER: Ginger - QUESTION: What was Gerry Halliwell's nickname in The Spice Girls?

Wednesday 13th October - ANSWER: Ashton Kutcher - QUESTION: Who is married to Mila Kunis?

Tuesday 12th October - ANSWER: Texas - QUESTION: What is known as The Lone Star state?

Monday 11th October - ANSWER: Fish - QUESTION: What is the symbol for the star sign Pisces?

Friday 8th October - ANSWER: Green - QUESTION: What colour jerseys do Ireland wear in sporting fixtures?

Thursday 7th October - ANSWER: Marley - QUESTION: Who was the first ghost to visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Wednesday 6th October - ANSWER: Wednesday - QUESTION: What is the name of the daughter in The Adams Family?

Tuesday 5th October - ANSWER: New Zealand - QUESTION: What rugby team is known as The All Blacks?

Monday 4th October - ANSWER: Cat - QUESTION: Which animal is said to have nine lives?