Jemma Kehoe has some tips for investing in your health in 2023

Jemma Kehoe has some tips for investing in your health in 2023

Do You Plan On Investing In Your Health For 2023?

If so, Nutritional Therapist Jemma Kehoe has put together some tips and advice on investing in your health in 2023.

Naturally enough, after weeks of indulgent foods, late nights and a total lack of routine you are likely feeling “bleh” as the New Year rolls around.

The arrival of a shiny new calendar can trigger you to chase shiny bright objects too such as quick fix 10-day detoxes and the like.

This year, maybe consider a different path. A gentler, easier path. Take some time over New Year to take stock of the following:


1) Focus more on improving how you feel and less on your dress size: have you been feeling more tired lately? Achy & stiff? Not catching great ZZZZ’s? Dire digestive symptoms? All of these symptoms are ways in which your body is flashing its red light on the dashboard, trying to get your attention and hoping you’ll pull over and take a look under the bonnet.

When taking stock, use the following headings to reduce overwhelm; food, sleep, movement and relationships/connections. Think about how you could make some small improvements in any or all of these key determinants of health.

Focus on the “feeling” of better health and you will be much more likely to stick to healthier habits long term.

2) Pay attention to the little things you do daily, not on the “all or nothing” things:


Do you need to eat only plant foods to be healthy? No. But would eating more colourful fruits and veg, some spices and nuts do you some good? Absolutely, yes.

Do you need the goal of training for a marathon this year? Nope. But could you do a 10-minute stretching session 3 x times a week and get more walks in?

If yes, make the commitment to yourself and schedule these activities into your diary.

3) Decide to Thrive: make small promises to yourself and keep them. Prioritise them. Write them down somewhere. Motivation ebbs and flows so favour discipline over motivation any chance you get.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Small changes made consistently over time = big improvements in overall health.

Wishing you the best in health,

Jemma Kehoe

You can contact Jemma directly by emailing [email protected] or see jemmakehoenutrition.com for more. 

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