Listen Back: Ollie's Strange News From Around The World.

Listen Back: Ollie's Strange News From Around The World.

Around the world we go to take a look at some of the stranger news stories making the news this week.

Have a listen below and see what you think...

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Lost and Found.


Who can say they have never overslept in an hotel, only to wake up 5 minutes before checkout time in a panic about getting charged extra.

You jump up, forget the shower, then start throwing things randomly into your suitcase.

It’s pretty inevitable you are going leave something behind. A toothbrush maybe, a sock or something far more bizzare.

Travelodge have published there surprisingly strange list of lost and found items.

New World Record.


A juvenile bar-tailed Godwit  known only by its satellite tag number 234684 – has flown 13,560 kilometres from Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania without stopping.

The five-month-old bird set off  on 13 October and satellite data appeared to show it did not stop during its flight which took 11 days and one hour. Incredible!!!!

Calling all Grahams.

Graham was one of seven male names labelled as extinct in 2020. The language experts analysed the last century of records from the Office for National Statistics, comparing parents' 2020 choices with the 100 most popular names between 1914 and 1994.

X marks the spot.

Few things spark the imagination like a good old treasure hunt, and there's a big one underway in the Netherlands. Officials published an old map, believed to reveal where soldiers invading from Nazi Germany hid millions of dollars in riches that they'd looted during World War II.


Quick question...how many aluminum cans can you bite in half in 60 seconds ? A Czech Republic man showed off his powerful jaws by biting 36 drink cans in half in 1 minute, earning a Guinness World Record.