Pride flags cut down in Waterford

The Mayor of Waterford, Damien Geoghegan has condemned the actions of those involved in cutting down Pride flags in the city last night. The flags were raised at The Mall on Wednesday, replacing previous flags which had been taken down and burned. A man in his 40's has been charged for the previous incident and is due to appear in the District Court next month. Councillor Geoghegan said it is very worrying that arrests have not deterred a repeat incident.ย  He said despite what had happened overnight he won't be deterred and is making arrangements that Pride flags will be reinstalled. He called on the people of Waterford to show solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community by putting Pride flags on their houses and businesses.
Stunned is how the chairperson of Pride of the Deise described her reaction on learning what had happened, Eadaoin Walsh said they were surprised and shocked by the first incident but for it to happen a second time was completely unexpected.ย  ย She said however it was important to remind themselves that these are not the feelings of the vast majority of the people of Waterford.ย She said messages of support were pouring. She said Pride of the Deise is strong and will not be moved and will continue to fly their proud colours