Bins being collected at unsociable hours - local councillor raises concerns

Bins being collected at unsociable hours - local councillor raises concerns

A local councillor has raised concerns about bin collection companies' practices in Waterford.

Councillor Joe Conway raised the issue of waste collections taking place at unsociable hours.

According to the councilor, bin lorries are collecting as early as 4:30 A: M in Tramore.

Speaking at the most recent Plenary District Council meeting, he said, "I have already raised this point with the directorate on a number of occasions, and it relates to the waste management service provided by various companies around the county and in particular in the area that I am most familiar with. This is generated by a problem where bin companies are operating outside of social hours.


"I left the house at 4:30 A: M on the 21st of April, and when I was passing Pickardstown in Tramore at 4:35 A: M, there was a bin lorry steaming out to Tramore with the strobe lights flashing no doubt just about to start work at a couple of minutes past half four."

Agreements in place

According to the local councillor, an agreement between waste management companies in Waterford and the council is in place with the following terms.

  • Collections must take place between 6:00 A: M and 10:00 P: M.
  • If infringed, warnings can be issued.
  • Continued breaches can result in a €500 fine.

"We are very fortunate to have good waste management services in the county and city," he continued to say at a recent council meeting, "In keeping with our service agreements, we don't really give the right to bin companies to impinge on peoples quality of life and their sleep.

"A lot of them obstruct footpaths for disability users by tossing the bins back into the middle of the footpaths, or out on the road causing hazards, and I think we should draw in the three bin companies that are operating in Waterford and have serious talks with them."


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