Cardiac campaigners criticise 'continuous spin on words'

Cardiac campaigners criticise 'continuous spin on words'

A "continuous spin on words" is how a campaigner for 24/7 cardiac care at UHW has described the latest Dáil comments on the issue.

The Taoiseach has reiterated his wish for a 24/7 service at UHW but said there is no change to government policy on the matter. He was responding to questions on the matter from Independent TD Matt Shanahan and Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane.

Willie Doyle of the '24/7 Cardiac Care for Waterford and the South-East' group doesn't believe progress has been made.

"This continuous spin on words about a 24/7 service is very unfair," he said.


Willie Doyle and Mary Coughlan pictured outside Leinster House in 2014.

"Sadly, people who hear these comments may form the wrong view and may feel it's a step in the right direction - in my opinion it isn't."

He continued: "We are still in the same situation - we will end up with a second cath lab but no full time service. Every place else that has a dedicated cardiac service - Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork - they have a full 24/7 service. We are the capital of the South East and we must have a full 24/7 service."


Meanwhile, Hilary O'Neill of the South East Patient Advocacy Group described the comments as "very disappointing".

"It's very disappointing to get people's hopes up and then have them dashed," she said.

"This is going on nearly ten years and we're still waiting for a service that we should have. It's very disappointing that people are being misled in relation to thinking we're actually going to get this service."

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