Councillor highlights consistent vandalism of ringbuoys in Waterford

A local councillor has criticised consistent vandalism of ringbuoys across Waterford City.

Cllr. Joe Kelly says a number of ringbuoys have gone missing or been damaged in recent weeks, including along the River Suir and St. John's River.

He says such activity is posing a serious risk to life and has called for those responsible for such behaviour to be punished.

"There's a saying on the ringbuoys - 'A Stolen Ringbuoy is A Stolen Life'," he says.


"These people are actually putting lives at risk. It could be themselves or one of their friends who finds themselves in difficulty in a river with no ringbuoy to help save them."

He has called for an immediate stop to this behaviour, saying it's a thoughtless crime which benefits nobody.

"This activity has the risk to take somebody's life and I think it's on the increase," he said. "I hope it's not but that's the sense I get.

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