Hundreds of houses could be served by no bus in Tramore housing estate

Hundreds of houses could be served by no bus in Tramore housing estate

A local councillor has made calls for additional bus stops to be installed in a Tramore housing estate.

An Garraun, known locally as "The Racecourse Estate, " will be expanded with fifty new dwellings.

The estate also includes Ard An Gleanna, An Carn, and Gleann Doire, comprising a mix of social and private housing developments.

Councillor Eamon Quinlan raised the issue at this month's Metropolitan District Council meeting.


"In relation to An Garraun the estate at the back of the racecourse in Tramore, we're building an additional 50 houses there.

"There will be hundreds of houses in that estate by the time it's finished.

"We do have estates like Hillview [in the city] where Bus Éireann goes into and collects people.

"I wonder has a time come when we approach them and simply add a stop inside that estate, so people can avail of public transport without having to walk the distance."


Map depicting bus stops that serve the town centre

Map depicting closest bus stops that serve the town centre

Other areas of the town are also not served by a bus service including the Newtown Glen estate located just outside of Tramore.

Councillor Quinlan continued: "I did out the distance on it. To go basically one way from the back of that estate to the nearest supermarket is the same as going from Hawthorn Drive in the City, to the Hyper Market, and back again.

"For people who are elderly or who don't have a car or mobility issues, it is a tremendous distance."

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