Dunmore East welcomes new state-of-the-art lifeboat

Dunmore East RNLI is preparing to welcome its new state of the art lifeboat to Waterford this afternoon.

The €2.4 million vessel will be the first Shannon class lifeboat to be based in the South-East region.

Named the William and Agnes Wray, the vessel will arrive into harbour at exactly 13.41

The WIlliam and Agnes Wray will be escorted into the harbour with a parade of other lifeboats and a flyover from the coastguard helicopter.


It's the first time in 25 years that the station will welcome a new boat.

Lifeboat volunteer Peter Curran told WLR of the schedule of the days' events.

"The lifeboat is due to arrive into Dunmore at 13.41. Coincidentally, that is the number of the lifeboat. We'll have visiting lifeboats from Kilmore Quay, Tramore, Fethard, and our own existing lifeboat. We also have a second relief Shannon. We have a relief de-class in the station. We have a lot of lifeboats. There'll be a parade outside the breakwater in advance of the new lifeboat coming in."

Peter says today's event is a very important one as it's amazing for Dunmore East to avail of such a high-standard lifesaving vessel.


"We're very lucky that a small village on the periphery in the grand scheme of things - has a boat that is state-of-the-art, world class, top of the range. It is supplied for free basically to the community - and it is manned by volunteers. People who are trained to a very high standard, but not actually getting paid. They are on stand-by 24/7. Every day of the week, every day of the year."

The presence of the RNLI and the lifeboat is something that brings great comfort to the community of Dunmore East as a whole.

"For people who go to sea for their day to day living - even if they never have to call on the lifeboat, the fact that they know, that the lifeboat is there. The people at home, their wives, children and families - they know that they're there. If people get into any bother, the lifeboat will always be there to jump at a moment's notice."

WLR will be broadcasting live from Dunmore East today with Geoff Harris on hand to mark the occasion.