Irish dancing body accused of competition fixing

The prestigious global body that governs Irish dancing has been rocked by allegations of competition fixing and cheating.

An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha is dealing with its largest ever alleged cheating scandal, which has seen some of the most successful and well regarded Irish dance teachers and schools accused of fixing competitions for their own students.

The CLRG has now announced that it has appointed a former Court of Appeal judge to oversee an investigation into the cheating allegations.

Ellen Coyne from the Irish Independent says much of the evidence has come from just one person - with some of it said to be dating back years.


It's been reported that screenshots were sent to the CLRG that show text conversations involving 12 Irish dancing teachers asking for or offering to fix competitions - with one teacher reportedly offering sexual favours for higher scores.

"If you try to appreciate the scale of what we're talking about here, this alleged cheating scandal affects people all over the world," Ellen said.

The CLRG is an Irish organisation but it covers Irish dancers in the UK, Scotland, and America.

Former Irish dancers in America have said that they have had suspicions for a long time too.


Sarah, who's an Irish dance teacher with a separate body, told Newstalk that the families and dancers who have put time, energy, money, and passion into the sport now have to question every result they've got.

"The politics was always there, the fear of corruption was always there, but to see it in black and white is really, really heartbreaking," she said.

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