'It's absolutely filthy dirty'- local councillor comments on Tramore lifeguard hut

A local councillor has hit out at the council for not upkeeping the lifeguard hut in Tramore. Cristiona Kiely raised the issue at the most recent Metropolitan Council meeting.

The landmark in the town was known for its yellow and red colours over the years and speaking at the meeting, councillor Kiely says she is close to painting it herself...

"It's manky basically, it's absolutely filthy dirty. I've been told several times it's going to be power-washed. I've been told several times it's going to be painted. I've been told several times it's going to be power-washed before being painted.

"I asked if could it just be power-washed at least for a while until it can be painted that wasn't done.


"Can we please have the lifeguard hut in Tramore painted, at least before the Bank Holiday weekend?"

"It's now the summer and you are sick of hearing me talk about this. This was first flagged by councillor O'Sullivan many months ago. I've brought it up several times since, and it's really embarrassing. It's the lifeguard hut in Tramore.

"I mean I've threatened to go out with a powerwasher myself and a paintbrush, we are getting very close to that.

"It's absolutely disgusting, it's embarrassing, we already have one Bank Holiday weekend under our belts, and the next one is only a couple of weeks away."


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