It's not a sports centre in Ballygobackwards.. RSC toilets branded "disgusting" by local councillor

It's not a sports centre in Ballygobackwards.. RSC toilets branded "disgusting" by local councillor

A local councillor has branded the toilets in the RSC as "disgusting"...

Cllr. Mary Roche raised the issue at this month's Metropolitan District Council meeting.

She says the condition of the toilet facilities at the venue is not up to standard, especially when hosting games with visiting teams.

I went into the ladies toilets which were bad enough. Then I went into the men's toilets which were you know... holy mother of god.. they were absolutely outrageous...


"The disabled toilet in the men's was backed up with... you know you can use your own imagination.

"We need to review the disability situation out there mayor, as well as making some kind of arrangements where we put more resources into the cleaning.."

Reputation for visitors

Councillor Roche continued, "Out there, it is not good enough that people are coming from all over Munster to the Regional Sports Centre.

"We gave it that title. It's not a sports centre in Ballygobackwards.. and if we are naming it a regional sports centre, then we ought to maintain it.."


"But what's even sadder is the toilets they aren't just sad they are positively disgusting..

"It is not good enough. Also, I  know that Waterford FC is looking for a disabled toilet under the far stand because they are putting in a sensory room there.

"We are making efforts to become an Autism Friendly City and I think with that in mind, we need to review what is happening out there, Mayor.

"It's not acceptable to have disabled toilets in either the ladies' or gents, they need to be stand-alone.

"If you have a dad bringing a daughter or a mum bringing a son, it is not acceptable for them to be going into either toilet."

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