Over 3,000 rents increased by Waterford City & County Council

Over 3,000 rents increased by Waterford City & County Council

Local authority tenants across Waterford have begun receiving letters in relation to their rental costs this week.

More than 3,000 households received a letter to advise that their rent was to increase with immediate effect.

At the same time, in the region of 400 households are currently receiving letters to advise of a reduction in weekly and monthly rental costs.

While, several tenants had contacted WLR with concerns in relation to changes to their rent, local councillor, Joe Kelly says a rental change at this stage was not unexpected.

Current Rental Scheme


Speaking on Déise Today, he said the current rental scheme observed by the council has been in operation since November 2020.

He added: "It's all down to changes in circumstances of people, financial circumstances, people are obliged under the tenancy agreement to advise the council of any changes."

These changes, he explained, can be down to job loss, a reduction of income, a job promotion, or other similar impacts on the household budget.

Tenants who have received a letter advising of increases to their rent, but who have not had any changes to their circumstances are advised by Cllr. Joe Kelly to return their forms to the council.


"The Council sent out an assessment form, but the problem with this is that the last review of this nature is 2020 and so any changes to circumstances which the Council weren't aware of have accumulated now."

He further advised tenants to return the assessment form if they haven't already done so, to avoid additional charges being incorrectly applied.