Rainbow crossings in Waterford could present legal issues

A local Councillor has been told her call for rainbow crossings in Waterford could present legal issues.

Green Party Councillor Cristiona Kiely would like to see such crossings put in place locally in solidarity with the LGBT+ community.

She has raised the issue on a number of occasions, including the local authority's March plenary meeting.

"They would be positioned where there already is a crossing in place," she said.


"They're a symbol of support and solidarity.  There are rainbow crossings in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway but so far there isn't one in Waterford. I think it's important to have them in Waterford especially as we had the incident a couple of years ago in which the Pride flag was burned."

Cllr Kiely says she doesn't expect rainbow crossings to be placed on "a major artery".

"Road safety has to be a priority at all times," she said.

"Other cities in Ireland and abroad have been able to marry road safety with this symbol and I don't see why Waterford City & County Council can't do the same."


In a statement to WLR News, Waterford Council said: "There have been a number of requests, most recently at last month’s Plenary Council meeting to install a rainbow crossing either on the Mall or on the Quays. These roads have a particularly high volume of traffic and pedestrian movements and follow the prescribed national standards (i.e. colour, signage, etc.) for road linings at pedestrian crossings.  In the case that an incident arises between a pedestrian and a vehicle on a rainbow crossing, it could be claimed that no legally recognised pedestrian crossing is in place."

The statement added: "Some Local Authorities have done a ‘workaround’ which involves painting rainbow colours adjacent to the pedestrian crossing, rather than on it / instead of, and this is an option that Waterford City and County Council is currently investigating." 

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