Plans submitted for Waterford surgical hub

Plans submitted for Waterford surgical hub

Plans have been submitted by HSE Estates for the construction of a three-story surgical hub building at the former Glanbia site at Maypark Lane.

The proposed development is a direct response to the Department of Health’s announcement in May of this year, for the development of surgical hubs.

The proposed hub would have a positive impact on day case waiting lists in advance of the development of regional elective hospitals.

The Waterford hub is intended to act as a regional hub for the South East and will be unaffected by pandemics, unscheduled care or the general day-to-day running of University Hospital Waterford.


The building will comprise four operating theatres, plus two minor procedure rooms, each with a morning and afternoon session.

It is envisaged that there will be approximately 150 patients accessing the facility per day by appointment, with a maximum of 100 daily staff members.

The surgical facility will provide for day surgery and patients are discharged on the same day as their treatment.

Patients will arrive at the reception on the day of their treatment and will be directed to a preparation area and then sent to theatre for their procedure for surgery or diagnostic investigations.


Following this, they will be sent to a recovery area and discharged.

The facility will also provide for pre-operative assessment in the days in advance of the surgery.

Permission is also sought for a temporary 311-space car park, which will remain in place for five years.

A decision is expected to be made by January 31, 2024.