Waterford councillor says crime becoming more sophisticated, as house raided in the city

A man has been arrested after a raid on a house in Waterford City.

It happened on the Lower Yellow Road yesterday afternoon.

Videos circulating on social media show the door being rammed by members of the force and Gardaรญ have told WLR News that Cocaine and Diamorphine were seized.

The man arrested is due in court today.


The incident comes as local councillor, ร‰amon Quinlan says criminal activity is becoming more common and more sophisticated in Waterford.

He says he and other councillors are constantly getting reports from people about this:

"When you hear reports from locals about more and more visible armed Gardaรญ operating in Waterford City centre, it's a very deeply shocking scene to communities that are long-established.

"And obviously, in Waterford City - even though it's big - you're never too far away from a school, a creche, a play area or somewhere like that.


"So, it's a type of activity that we simply cannot afford."

Continuing, the Fianna Fรกil representative says that "the era of people operating on street corners or out in the open has now long since passed. They've gone behind closed doors and what we've noticed is that there would be a very small number of local authority houses that are used for such purposes."

Councillor Quinlan claims the local authority typically waits not only until charges have been brought against an individual, but until that person has been convicted, before they will take action against their tenancy:

"We would be flagging this on a fairly regular basis. However, Waterford Council has what I would describe as a 'wait and see' approach, whereby they don't take any action or the action that they do take is incredibly subdued."

He says it's not fair on those living around these particular properties and something needs to change:

"Communities are constantly passing up information that this sort of criminal activity is going on.

"No action is forthcoming from the council and it's a source of major frustration because for such organised criminal gangs, if they can get a year or two out of a location they can simply move on.

"You know, in my opinion, it's just a cost of doing business for them and they have it factored in. It's not off-putting to them at all."

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