Waterford driving instructor says test dates being given faster than students can get lessons now

A Waterford instructor says driving tests are coming up faster than students can get lessons now.
At the moment, the tests are only available to essential workers and Kieran Kennedy says those applying are booking a test before they finish their lessons because they think there's a backlog.
However, he says there is virtually no wait now.
And Kieran believes the RSA needs to get control of the situation:
"The problem is, the kids and everyone, is hearing the waiting list is months long. They're giving out test dates like sweets. You can get a test date no problem.
"But everyone is rushing in and grabbing a date and then ringing their instructor. Or they're ringing before they're even ready for a test, having picked a date.
"One, they're rushing it too much, and two, they won't get a good spread of lessons."
Kieran says it's the opposite problem to what they normally face and believes a happy medium urgently needs to be found:
"We've been crying for quick dates for years. You need tests available but in a controlled manner - not that you can just go online and pick a date. If you're going to do that, you need to consult with your instructor and make sure you're capable of doing that. Don't pick a date for next Tuesday and then ring him or her and look for three lessons because they won't be spread out enough - you can't have time to practice in between - and then, the instructors won't be able to facilitate that."
Even though it is only essential workers who can apply for a test at the moment, Kieran Kennedy says the booking system really needs to be looked at:
"I honestly think the RSA are dumping dates on top of people. That's the way it's gone now. It's gone from one extreme to the other. You're waiting six months for a test, to now they're giving them out too easy.
"People are under this illusion that you can't get a date and, God help them, they're grabbing a date. The amount of phonecalls I've gotten saying, 'Kieran, I've got a date for next Tuesday', and I'm going mad because, you know, this would be a person that you could polish but they'd need a little bit more time between their lessons to get everything right.
"It's gone from one extreme to the other. There's no control over it."