Temperatures could reach 27 degrees in Waterford this week

Temperatures in Waterford could be set to reach 27 degrees celsius this week.

Met Eireann currently has a weather advisory warning in place nationwide as a heatwave makes its way to Ireland.

Speaking to WLR News, Michael Kelly from Waterford Weather says people in the Deise should expect extended spells of sunshine throughout the coming week.

"On Monday, it got up as high as 24.2 degrees celsius. That was the warmest temperature recorded at my station in Waterford City. As the days go on, it will get that little bit warmer again - maybe 25 degrees with a lot of sunshine. Basically, as the week goes on - we're looking at warmer temperatures and plenty of sunny days, with temperatures set to hit up to anywhere as high as 27 degrees.


Michael says there will be a real humid spell throughout the week, and warned that temperatures will remain as high as 17 degrees at night.

"With Waterford being so close to the sea, we may have sea breezes kick in - similarly to the last hot spell that we got. Other places in the country got around 31 or 32 degrees but it was 24 or 25 here in Waterford. You could have that scenario again where the sea breezes do kick in. It does depend on how far away from the coast you are. It's going to be very warm in the nighttime. It could be rather unpleasant and humid at night, with temperatures not dropping below 16 or 17 degrees."

The Waterford weatherman also explained what has to happen for a prolonged spell of warm weather to be classified as a heatwave.

"There is actually set criteria from Met Eireann. If the temperature hits 25 degrees for 5 days in a row then it can be considered as a heatwave. That's the technical term as such. We could see that happening in Waterford."


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