"We'll all learn it together" - Jordan's American Bar look forward to re-opening

"We'll all learn it together" - Jordan's American Bar look forward to re-opening

Waterford publicans have expressed joy at the prospect of re-opening for indoor service today - despite anxiety among many within the sector.

A quarter of businesses are set to not re-open indoors despite being allowed to do so. Last minute changes to contact tracing legislation mean that only one person per booking will have to provide contact details, but all customers will have to provide proof of vaccination or Covid-19 immunity.

Anna Jordan of Jordan's American Bar on the Quay in Waterford says she's excited to welcome back regulars after being open for just one week in the past 500 days.

"It's so nice. We're 72 years in business - although a year and a half of that 72 are missing. We have a lot of regulars from lots of different spaces, people that would pop in once or twice a year and various families. We're looking forward to meeting people, because you do become friends with them."


Anna admits that policing Digital Covid Certs will be difficult as little advice has been provided, but as long as people are nice and compliant, then there should be little to no issues.

"As long as people are OK and nice, we'll all learn it together. That's what we're going to have to do. We're all going to have to figure this out together. We haven't been given much advice and a lot of people are very angry. That's also their right. I'm just hoping that people really work with us, we know as much as other. If this is the law, we're not going to go against the law."

Anna's father, Andy Jordan, says it will be great to welcome people back again, but also strange to have the pub back but no interaction between tables such as card games and live music.

"You can't have any music - you can't have any loud noises over the intercom systems. We are restricted, but still looking forward to seeing the old faces and getting back to the banter in pubs - I miss that."


Despite some discontent within the industry, overall, opening day is only a positive thing says Anna.

"This is a really positive thing even though some people might not be happy with the circumstances. This is such progress given what we've all been through for the past couple of months. It was a long winter. To see that in our summer, things are moving forward - hopefully this will last. It's a positive thing."

Jordan's will open their doors at 5.30pm this evening until 11.15pm.