Women's mental health report launched by Waterford Minister

A report by the specialist group on women's mental health has been launched by Waterford Minster Mary Butler.

Embedding Women's Mental Health in Sharing the Vision was unveiled last week through the Department of Health.

Speaking to WLR, Minister Butler outlined what's involved in the report.

"Some women can be challenged with their mental health and emotional well-being at different stages in their life be it pregnancy or menopause or fertility issues.


"This week, we embedded Women's Mental Health in Sharing the Vision which is our national mental health policy and it is important that we recognise that 51% of our population is made up of women."

It's hoped women who experience mental health difficulties during pregnancy will be among the groups to benefit from the new report.

Minister Butler added: "I am delighted to say that we have 19 maternity hospitals throughout the country and in each one we now have a dedicated perinatal mental health nurse to assist women through pregnancy.

"This week we're also encouraging people to talk about menopause with the launch of the national awareness campaign.


"I was delighted to launch this with Minister Donnelly because we need to talk to people to inform them and to educate them and lift the taboo around menopause."

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