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Brendan Kelly shares his advice on depression

Brendan Kelly shares his advice on depression Brendan Kelly shares his advice on depression
Jayde Maher

Brendan Kelly, Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, joined Damien to discuss depression and the pandemic.

A survey titled 'Disrupted Transitions' was conducted in December 2020 to determine the links between stress and the circumstances that Covid-19 caused.

It revealed that 55% of women and 40% of men aged 22 had psychological distress.

A loss of jobs for men and a lack of face-to-face contact for women were the biggest contributors to their feelings.



Although psychological distress and clinical depression are not the same, Professor Kelly shared his advice for people with depression and those who know someone with the illness.

He spoke about medication, how to help someone by listening, and the importance of talking to others if you are feeling down.

He also explained that depression is not just a mental feeling, but a bodily one too. A person with depression often struggles to sleep and experiences a loss of appetite, as well as feelings of sadness.

Damien asks "Can you slip into depression?" and "When does sadness transition to depression?"


To hear the answers to these questions and listen to the full conversation, click the link in this podcast.

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