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Brendan McDonald (Brandain "Ben" Mac Domhnaill) shares how Ingvar Villido saved his life

Brendan McDonald (Brandain "Ben" Mac Domhnaill) shares how Ingvar Villido saved his life
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Brendan McDonald and Ingvar Villido joined Damien in studio to share their story and tips on how to overcome suffering.

In 1997, at just 17, Brendan was in a motorbike crash in Touraneena. He and his best friend had gone for a spin on their bikes but crashed.

His best friend died during the crash and Brendan has no memory of it but believes that his bike and his best friend collided because of how the bikes were found.

He lost an arm, and dislocated his knee, shoulder, and hip among other injuries.


Brendan suffered greatly after the accident and moved to America where he turned to drinking and drugs to escape. He blamed himself for what happened and always suppressed his feelings.

He thought about and even planned suicide, but couldn't bring himself to do it to his family.

After trying many different methods of healing, Brendan came across Ingvar and his work.

Ingvar is originally from Estonia. He is a teacher, researcher, and author.


Ingvar spoke about how everything we feel begins inside of us. He has been researching stable self-realisation for over 30 years.

In his most recent book, Practical Consciousness: freeing yourself from emotional addiction to live a more joyful life, Ingvar outlines different techniques for mastering your emotions.

Upon meeting Brendan, he could see his pain and suffering.

Ingvar says nobody should live with sufferings because they can be released. He teaches different forms of yoga and leads retreats and pilgrimages.

Brendan now has a construction company in San Francisco and believes that Ingvar's teachings saved his life.

A copy of Ingvar's book will be given away to one of Damien's listeners on Monday.

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