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Crackdown on TV 'dodgy boxes'

Crackdown on TV 'dodgy boxes' Crackdown on TV 'dodgy boxes'
Jennifer Long

Do you own a so-called 'dodgy box'?!

It's unclear how many people in Ireland avail of illegal streaming services but the number is sizable.

'Dodgy boxes' stream access to premium TV, sporting events and brand-new movie releases at a much reduced price.

However, it was announced in the past week that a big crackdown on them is in the offing!


Several arrests were made for illegal streaming in England in recent weeks and now 12 Irish counties are being targeted.

Waterford is not amongst them as yet but it may be soon. Neighbouring counties of Wexford, Cork and Tipperary are included.

The crackdown, it's believed, will not target the end user who purchases the USB stick, but rather those who sell the service.

This morning, Damien spoke to Adrian Weckler who is the Technology Editor of 'The Irish Independent' about the story.

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