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Jan 19th, uGlow, Kollect, and the Circular Economy

Jan 19th, uGlow, Kollect, and the Circular Economy Jan 19th, uGlow, Kollect, and the Circular Economy
Mary O'Neill

On this week's Hot Desk, I heard from people in Waterford and beyond, who spoke to me about uGlow, Kollect, and the Circular Economy

Portlaw woman designs app for beauty and wellbeing professionals

Portlaw native Elaine Doheny has launched an app (uGlow) that allows you to be pampered in the comfort of your own home.

Elaine has been based in Melbourne for the last seven years and developed the product during lockdown while on maternity leave. She spoke to me about how the app will work, and who it's aimed at.

Kollect undergoes a rebrand ahead of 2022

I was also joined by John O'Connor, CEO of Waterford based company Kollect a "one stop shop" for waste services, which underwent a rebrand in December.


John discussed plans for the platform in 2022, as well as outlining how the company gets involved in the community. Kollect has had some impressive developments in the last few years, including floating on the Swedish stock exchange, and being listed at number 20 in the Deloitte Top 50 Tech Companies in Ireland.

Elaine Butler explains the Circular Economy

And you might have heard people speak of The Circular Economy and wondered what it is.

Elaine Butler is a Circular Design Consultant and she explains how smaller businesses have been leading the way with this philosophy, which plays a big part in sustainability.

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