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Helena B Scott on secret history, chakras, and sacred georgraphy

Helena B Scott on secret history, chakras, and sacred georgraphy
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Helena B Scott is a psychic investigator, historian, and author of Loftus: Hall of Dreams, who specialises in secret history and the paranormal.

Helena joined Maria to discuss what she does and what secret history is, as well as touching on souls and chakras.

She described secret history as searching for the gaps. She believes history is written by the winners and therefore parts of it get omitted.

This mindset is what led her to investigate Loftus Hall and its history. She then wrote a book that intertwines evidence and historical research.


The book shares an untold insight into Ireland's most haunted house.

Helena and History

Helena's father teaches history, which is where she began learning about the topic.

She used to go on digs with her father and her interest in it developed from there.

Before her current role, Helena had a career in defence for over 10 years.

Gut or Soul?


Apart from history, Helena has a passion for chakras, souls, and auras.

She and Maria discussed these topics and the importance of being connected to your spiritual self.

Someone in Helena's life once said that people are sleepwalking through life if they are not in touch with themselves.

When we are in touch, we experience a broader universe and way of living.

The two began talking about when you get that 'gut feeling' that Helena described as actually being your soul.

Science has confirmed everything in the universe is made up of energy and our soul is no different. It is weightless and therefore placed in the heaviest part of your body- your gut.

In order to nurture your soul, you must spend time with yourself and know yourself.

Helena understands that this can be difficult. She is a lone parent but says she has to make time for herself.

They then went on to speak about chakras, which date back to over 4,000 years ago in Egypt.

The human body has six chakras, but the earth also has them in the form of lay lines.

This explains why animals can display odd behaviour at times as they can sense the energy coming from the lay lines.

These are a part of sacred geography and can affect how you feel.

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