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Muintir na Déise 2: Alice Breathnach

Muintir na Déise 2: Alice Breathnach Muintir na Déise 2: Alice Breathnach
Mary O'Neill

In this episode of Muintir na Déise 2, we hear from Alice Breathnach.

Each episode in this series features an individual who has been closely associated with or has lived all his/her life in Gaeltacht na nDéise.

This 2nd series of Muintir na Déise features people from An Rinn, Waterford's Gaeltacht.

The programmes are presented by Waterford and Ring native, broadcaster and writer Catherine Foley.


Alice was born in Ráth na mBiríneach sa Rinn in 1932. She was one of eight children. She spent her working life in Coláiste na Rinne, starting there when she was 16, before becoming a pastry chef in later years. She liked nothing better than making tarts and pastry.

Alice talks about her teachers and her school days. She talks of being hungry because of the World War 2 rations and the shortage of food in the shops.

Alice married an Old Parish man - Deaglán Breathnach and became a farmer’s wife. Speaking to Catherine, she recalls her wedding, raising two children with Deaglán, and the effect his death had on her.

You can listen to the full conversation through the link in this podcast.


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