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Muintir na Déise: Séamus Mac Craith.

Muintir na Déise: Séamus Mac Craith. Muintir na Déise: Séamus Mac Craith.
Mary O'Neill

In this episode of Muintir na Déise, we hear from Séamus Mac Craith.

Each episode in this series features an individual who has been closely associated with or has lived all his/her life in Gaeltacht na nDéise.

This second series of Muintir na Déise features people from An Rinn, Waterford's Gaeltacht.

The programmes are presented by Waterford and Ring native, broadcaster and writer Catherine Foley.


The participants tell their stories of growing up, finding work, getting married, rearing families as well as their beliefs, wisdom and reflections on life as it was lived in this corner of Waterford during the last century.

This all-Irish series celebrates their lives as well as showcase the wealth of Irish that is still spoken and used in the Ring and Old Parish Gaeltacht area.

About Séamus Mac Craith

Séamus Mac Craith was the youngest of five children born in Cnocán an Phaoraigh in the Ring Gaeltacht.

He talks about his childhood and his mother who was a chapel woman, who had great faith and his father who was a farmer with a passion for horses.


He talks about his days in Galway where he studied in UCG. After graduating he became a teacher and taught for many years in the Friary second-level school in Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

Since retiring he has been busy, working on the land after a life-time of teaching.

He’s a passionate scholar of singing in the sean nós and of all things Irish and he keeps bees.

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