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"One of Our Own," Ep 10, Grace O'Sullivan

"One of Our Own," Ep 10, Grace O'Sullivan "One of Our Own," Ep 10, Grace O'Sullivan
Mary O'Neill

In the concluding episode, Grace O’Sullivan, Greenpeace campaigner and MEP, talks to writer Catherine Foley.

Grace talks about her childhood living by the sea and her recent campaign to have important environmental legislation adopted by the EU.

This series is produced and edited by RoseAnn Foley, Catherine's sister, and it was made with funding from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

RoseAnn says her aim was to shed light on the idea of what makes a true Waterford person. “They are all fascinating people,” she says. “I find their stories truly inspirational. I loved working on this series. And there’s a lovely vibe going through the series as Catherine and myself are old friends with a number of the guests. And then we met some of the others and we felt we had known them all along. It was a really enjoyable project.”


Have a listen to Catherine speak to Grace O'Sullivan for One of Our Own, through the link in this podcast.

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