Watch: Pro-boxer Dylan Moran speaks to Damien about exciting new plans

Dylan Moran is a welterweight, professional boxer, who also goes by the alias “The Real Deal”.

He spoke with Damien on Deise Today, and you can listen back on the full interview here. Dylan gave Damien details of  his upcoming plans. He also spoke about his new management structure under promoter Frank Warren.

Dylan is also this week announcing new, exciting sponsorship deals for himself as he heads to Manchester where he’ll train for the coming months.

Fighting as a southpaw, Dylan has been boxing all his life and credits his parents and family for the love and support to have seen him through the bad times as he heads hopefully for bigger fights.  Aged 27 now, the Ballybeg native explains how his career has been one of ups and downs but he fights with hope in his heart.


You can watch a clip of his interview with Damien here: