Alien:Nation Needs Your Help!

Alien:Nation Needs Your Help!

Alien:Nation presents 'Webbing' as part of Imagine Arts Festival on Saturday 28th October and they need your help!

So what is Alien:Nation's Webbing all about?

It's a multidisciplinary installation performance that plays with the ideas of disconnected connections; being smothered by cyber conversation; and asks if we can still find honest humanity in amongst the matrixes of communication.


If you would like to help out on the great project for Alien:Nation they are looking for the following:




They need paper communications, such as handwritten letters, postcards, diaries, shopping lists, or notes. Do you have any dusty written communication in your attic, under your bed, or kept safe somewhere? We would love to use them!

We would love pictures of your letters or the real thing if you are willing to part with it.



Wires / Technology:

Do you have any old wires, computers, webcams, phones, monitors, floppy discs, controllers or cables sitting around gathering dust?

We would love to take them off your hands!


Audio Notes:

They are looking to collect and curate a selection of audio messages (these can be pre-existing messages or new ones created for this call out)

They can be notes sent to your friends, your own notes to yourself, sounds, words, feelings and thoughts.

Be imaginative or be a droll. Let the mundanity of life speak loud or whisper the creative blossomings of your heart.


How to get in touch:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @aliennation_art

Facebook: AlienNation Art

Please send any and all audio messages to Alien:Nation on 089-4601971

The closing date for Call Out is Saturday 21st October.


Webbing will be held at Saint Patricks Gateway on Saturday, 28th October, where will be three sessions of this interactive installation:
6.00pm - 6:45pm
7:15pm - 8.00pm
8:30pm - 9:15pm
From 9:30pm everyone is invited to a free DJ set.

For more information visit Imagine Arts Website

Tickets to this event are available on Eventbrite


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