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Samskip and Waterford Port, Supplement Certified, and Sluamor - It's The Hot Desk

Dutch company Samskip is adding a call at the Port of Waterford

I was joined by CEO of the Port of Waterford Frank Ronan, who said a decision by a Dutch company to expand its services here is a sign of growing demand.Β  Samskip is adding a Waterford call and a bigger ship to the recently launched Amsterdam/ Ireland lane. He believes the development marks the strengthening of an existing relationship.

In his discussion with me, Frank also fleshed out the findings of a report, commissioned by the Port of Waterford, into heritage opportunities along the Estuary...

In Episode 10 of my feature seriesΒ Bold Moves, all about Waterford based people who set up business in the Pandemic, I spoke to Professor John Nolan, based at WIT. He, along with Β Dr Alfonso Prado-Cabrero and their colleagues at the college have established β€˜SupplementΒ Certified’ an independent scientific certification for assessing product label claim.


John also discussed his background and the ongoing research he and his colleagues have been doing, to establish links between eye health and nutrition...

Tanya Thompson is CTO of Sluamor, a Wexford based company that facilitates procurement and B2B deals on its platform. Tanya, a Jamaican native, joined meΒ  in studio.

Tanya also describes the company's links to Waterford, as well as the benefits she's gained from partaking in the New Frontiers course at WIT...